At Black Lives & Mental Health Matters

Bell Let’s Talk Day is behind us and it is now Black History month. February is more of a challenge for me especially this year 2021. I feel as if I am in the intersection of two major spheres, Black Lives and Mental Health Matters.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my late twenties, I have managed to control my mental health.

I am a fitness instructor and a mental health coach. The tools that I have developed and used over the last two decades have assisted me in controlling and stabilizing my mental health. I am the subject of a book “ Audley Enough, you can soar above Mental Illness that is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

As one of Bell Let’s Talk’s spokespeople, I have developed a recipe for success that has kept me mentally stable for almost two decades.

One of my many initiatives today, is to partake, encourage and coach discussions on the topic of mental health in the Black community. There is a rise of young folks, like the ladies at My Mental Health Matters, the team at Prévention CDN-NDG and at the Empower Hour, that is talking about the importance of mental helath and it is important for me to be a part of the conversation to help guide it.

Historically, with all the issues that a Black person has do deal with, we were not able to acknowledge the issue of mental illness in the community. Now taking care of our mental health is being acknowledged in our community.

Today we are aware of several artists and actors, that thrive inspite (despite of) their mental illness. I am certain they would agree that it is a great first step to identify that there is an issue that must be address. Secondly, the series of actions that one takes to manage are critical: getting support, identifying resources, and developing a routine.

It is critical for us to keep this conversation going all year and I continue to look forward to sharing what I have acquired in my toolbox over the years.

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