Diversity & inclusion for Mental Health

As time moves forward and we, as individuals, learn to be more politically correct, inclusive, and egalitarian; as we deep dive into the slew of societal issues we should be addressing, we must place mental health as a priority.

There is no sure way to identify a person suffering with mental illness yet still, Stats Can reports that, 1 in 3 Canadians will be affected by it in their lifetime and these are just pre-Covid numbers.

Getting help, can be as daunting as admitting to the problem because let’s face it, who does one get help from when it’s unclear what help should look like? Where to get it? Or who pays for it?

In an ideal world, people would not have to go at it alone.

Companies could provide mental health & wellness benefits so employees could have direct access to experts. Canada’s top 100 employer awards would be given to businesses doing their part in offering mental care to their workforce. And Human Resource departments would stress the importance of language to avoid, in the code of conduct handbook.

More and more companies are creating a Diversity and Inclusion department but starting the discussion around mental health in the workplace, is seemingly a slow process. This is where we need everyone to step up and ask that mental health awareness be a part of the agenda.

We could make a difference if we try.

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