Every action counts

This year i have given myself a challenge, to write a blog about my experiences in 2021, focusing on mental health. My objective is to have an entry every two weeks with my experiences that strengths my mental health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has evened out the playing field, giving the others all of us a taste of what it means to feel isolated, a sentiment individuals people suffering with mental illnesses know, all too well. One of the many taglines of 2020 was: alone together. Those words have more impact today than ever before.

The past year has forced many organization, to understand that mental health should be everyone’s priority.

Luckily, Bell Let’s Talk begins it’s 2021 campaign early and brings the subject to the forefront and into the kitchen of all our households (wind of change).

This year campaign slogan is: EVERY ACTION COUNTS.

In January, I have volunteered at a local community organization. I will be responsible for contacting a small group of seniors. I am putting into actions the suggestions of Bell Lets talk campaign, check in on a friend and to reach out to a co-worker at least once a day.

Another aspect that strengths my mental activity is My fitbit. I am never without it. My challenge for the next two weeks is to complete 10000 steps daily. I will let you know my success rate in my next entry .

Another activity that strengthens my mental health is I have decided to cook a meal from every part of the world. This week it is Jamaican food. Now it is off to the store to purchase items I require for this week meals.

Talk to you in a few weeks.


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