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Audley Coley, Audley Enough: A Portrait of Triumph and Recovery in the Face of Mania and Depression by Lesley Whyte Reford and Patricia Lavoie, Audley Coley biography, mental health

Told through Lesley Whyte Reford and Patricia Lavoie, this biography recounts Audley’s journey with mental illness. The book details how he managed to overcome the many obstacles it has created in his life, to become the success story he is today. His recipe for soaring above: start with admitting there is a problem.

Praise for Audley Enough: A Portrait of Triumph and Recovery in the Face of Mania and Depression

One of the great pleasures of my work in mental health as Chair of Bell Let's Talk is meeting so many passionate mental health advocates. Audley Coley is one such advocate and his book, both informative and rich in storytelling, highlights his commitment to using his experience to create positive change. It is a must-read tale full of wit, charm and hope.
- Mary Deacon, CM
Chair, Bell Let's Talk mental health initiative
Audley's story is one of resilience, suffering, hope, support and treatment in the face of a major psychiatric illness. It's also the compelling account of someone who has overcome the challenges of immigration, discrimination, disruption and despair to become a generous, creative, loving and inspiring person. This is a portrait of triumph and recovery.
- David S. Goldbloom
MD, FRCP Senior Medical Advisor, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health www.camh.net
Audley Enough is the compelling story of a remarkable person who triumphs over discrimination, setbacks and bipolar disorder. Sharing stories like Audley's is so important in the social movement to bring mental health out of the shadows.
- Jeff Moat
President, Partners for Mental Health
Stories of recovery like Mr. Coley's are a powerful means to fight the stigma of mental illness. They are not only inspirational to those who are also struggling, but they also show others that it is possible to get better, live a full life, and most importantly, to go in pursuit of your goals and dreams and achieve them.
- Jane H. Lalonde
President and COO, Douglas Institute Foundation

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December 30, 2021





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